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New software from MIT makes multi-material 3D printing simple.


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New software from MIT makes multi-material 3D printing simple.

The MIT Computer Programming and Artificially Intelligent Lab’s most recent software seeks to be the "Photoshop for 3D materials" by making the entire 3D printing process more accessible to the public.

Foundry provides real-time previewing, so users can see precisely how their design will appear in terms of output as they adjust it. This includes the option to drill down to a cross-section to show how the 3D printer will manufacture the interior sections of the pieces and the entire.

Researchers printed a ping-pong paddle, skis with exceptionally glossy surfaces, a tricycle wheel, a bike helmet, and a bone using the new MIT software, which the team claims might be used in surgical planning applications. The key is that each of these projects used a range of materials to produce various functional qualities in various areas of the total.

How simple is it to utilize Foundry? The MIT team behind it put it to the test with non-designers, giving them three distinct things to construct, including a there and wheel combination, a teddy bear, and the bone structure. Following receiving the 60-minute guide, users took an average of 48, 26, and 56 minutes to complete them after an hour of training.

The Foundry team claims that their testing has already resulted in a better tricycle wheel design and that comparable breakthroughs in a variety of sectors are possible if Foundry becomes an industry standard. Although 3D printing has yet to completely replace traditional production processes at scale, Foundry is making it appear more likely in the near future.

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