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WowWee - MiP Toy Robot + Playbrush - Kids toothbrush attach


Brand New

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Still in packing

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Electronic & Remote Control Toys


Brand New (Original Packing)


WowWee - MiP the Toy Robot - Black
• respond to gesture-based interactions like swipes
• connect to and interact with your smart devices.
• navigate his surroundings; follow hand gestures; and follow objects around;Watch MiP balance multiple objects while moving or standing still!

Playbrush - Kids toothbrush attachment that transforms manual toothbrushes into mobile game controllers via Bluetooth, encouraging kids to brush in a fun way, Pink,
• Make tooth brushing fun - a smart device that transforms manual toothbrushes into game controllers
• Children control fun and interactive mobile games with their tooth brushing movements
• Connects via Bluetooth, kids achieve brushing challenges and rewards and receive brushing feedback

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