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5 Step Guide To Buying Classic Cars In Dubai
June 27, 2020
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5 Step Guide To Buying Classic Cars In Dubai

Do you love to have a car from the grand era of Aston Martins, the Fords and the Porsche’s and keen on buying a classic car from your grandfather’s era; however, at the same time you do not have a lot of spare time to indulge in your hobby. Worry no more, as this is the 21st century driven by the furious pace of internet technology – now it is possible to do everything from the safe confines of one’s home whether it is doing online grocery shopping or buying a vintage Ford Mustang sitting at home. If you have wanted to buy a classic car in Dubai at a bargain price, here are some options that you need to explore:

Search Classic Cars In Dubai For Sale:

Now you know you want to buy a classic car – the next most obvious step is to decide where you would go to search for the car of your choice. This article is written keeping in mind a working professional, one who is constantly short of time. So for this kind of a person, it is not possible to invest a lot of time and energy in searching for the vintage car of their dreams. For this person, the most viable option is to carry out an online search to look for a car of their choice. While there are many vintage car websites and clubs for instance the likes of Classic Cars’ Owners Collection UAE, a more viable and pocket-friendly option is to look for websites that offer you the opportunity to post a Free Classifieds Ads In Dubai. There are various advantages of posting a free classified ad:


Visiting a regular classic car dealership or classic car clubs would not give you the kind of exposure that posting on an online website would. As you put up a free classified ad for your dream car you will be surprised by the wide array of offers that will come your way. It is this kind of exposure that would be missing anywhere else.

Freedom To Choose:

From the hundreds of offers that will come your way; you can choose the one that best suits your budget. However, be very careful before you finalize your offer. Sometimes the sellers are dubious and put up fake offers or sell products that are in a different condition than that depicted on the pictures. You must be wary of these sellers. To ensure the seller is not fooling you, make sure you arrange to meet the seller in a public place with his or her car. Take an experienced classic car mechanic with you to check out the car with you. Make sure the mechanic checks every part of the car to determine if there are any flaws in the car that were not originally mentioned in the ad. A car owner rarely puts up a completely honest classified – very often it is your responsibility to search for mechanical or technical errors within the car, the seller would not mention these.

Safety Measure For Owning Classic Cars In Dubai:

As you plan to own a Classic Car In Dubai For Sale,  you must be aware that there is a specific safety criterion for each type of classic belonging to a specific category. For instance, classic cars that fall within category A can be driven on almost all types of roads, but only for 10,000 km each year.


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