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5 Ways Of Buying A Classic Car That Looks New
August 9, 2020
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5 Ways Of Buying A Classic Car That Looks New

You search for perfect classic cars in Dubai for sale stops here!


Classic car restoration Dubai services are on the rage these days. Gone were the days when classic car buffs had to contend themselves with broken, outdated cars. Today with car restoration services available all around Dubai, it is possible to buy classic cars in spick and span condition.


Here is a list of top 5 ways you can buy a classic car in Dubai.

1. Search for car restoration services in Dubai

There are several specialized classic car restoration Dubai companies that focus on taking in your classic car and turning it into a brand new version of its previous self. From upgrading the engine to refurbishing interiors and repairing damaged or rusted body parts, everything is taken care of at these car restoration companies.


You can either take your car to the classic car restoration shop or buy one from many they have restored on-site and put up for sale.

1976 Model, Upgraded Ferrari 308 GTB Vetroresina, Source:

2. Search for Online Classic Car Dealerships

Owing to the increased digitalization of businesses around the world, many car dealerships offer online classic car sale services. Whether the task is related to refurbishing your car, buying new spare parts for the car, or getting a shiny new paint job done, everything can now be done from the comfort of your home.


You just need to fill out the contact form and provide details for the type of classic car restoration job you want. Someone from the dealership will soon contact you and you can then leave off your car at the car dealership site with a peace of mind that soon you will have your classic car in brand new condition.

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3. Classic Car Garages in Dubai

There are many classic car garages in Dubai where you can get your dream classic car in Dubai for sale. These garages restore the looks and mechanical functioning of the classic cars. The experienced workers of these car garages workday in an out to cater to the diverse clientele of classic car owners.


The majority of people associated with classic car restoration do it out of passion rather than for need. Employees at the garage work tirelessly to polish up and upgrade the body and engine of the muscle cars. It is this reason why the end-product is always wonderful.

A worker upgrading classic car in Dubai, Source:

4. Pro-touring Car Companies

You may have heard about “pro-touring” for the first and must be wondering, what’s a pro touring car? An up and coming phenomenon in classic car restoration, pro-touring refers to upgrading your classic car with enhanced engine and components such as brake and suspension system, etc.


There are many pro-touring car companies in UAE. Check out the one that best suits your needs and budget.

5. Search for Classic Cars on Dubai Classifieds

Last but one of the most important options for searching new-like classic cars in Dubai is to post free ads in Dubai classifieds stating the particulars of the classic car you are interested in.


Share this ad on your social media pages and hopefully, the right person will see the message and contact you.


However, you will need to be extra careful to determine if the seller is not overcharging you in terms of the looks of the classic car. Search for the price range of similar classic cars on other platforms and hopefully, you will develop an idea of what should be a fair price of the car.


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