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Bedroom Furniture Design Ideas To Create A Serene, Beautiful Environment
August 20, 2020
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Bedroom Furniture Design Ideas To Create A Serene, Beautiful Environment

Is your small bedroom full of all sorts of unwanted furniture getting down on your nerves? Worry not; I have suffered a similar kind of experience. However, by doing a little research I was able to turn around the fortunes of my bedroom for the better. As I redesigned my bedroom and brought in used furniture for sale Dubai, I realized even smaller bedrooms could be turned into cozy spaces where you could spend a few calm and tranquil moments on your own.

I would not waste any more of your precious time and would straight away take you to the list of ideas you can implement to turn your room into cozy little spaces:

1. Keeping the Layout Simple

The first secret to creating a tranquil bedroom is to work on the layout – the simpler the layout, the serene your bedroom environment would be. Top interior architects agree that one primary piece of home furniture, the bed, should be kept against the back wall of the bedroom and there should be space on both sides of the bed so that you have enough space to walk around the room. Buy a medium sized bed for your bedroom. Many contemporary as well as traditional bed designs are available at free classifieds in Dubai. It also gives you ample amount of space to make your bed and to change bed sheets.

Simple Bedroom Layout; Source:

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2. Don’t be afraid to Paint Your Home Dark

You should not be afraid to paint your home dark, it’s fashionable and modern. Don’t buy into the idea that you should never paint a small room dark; it would make it even smaller. Painting your room dark blue, olive green or in shades of charcoal would add a certain contemporary character to your room.

Dark bedroom design; Source:

3. Use Mirrors to Bring in Plenty of Sunlight inside the Room

If you are lucky enough to build your own home, make sure you place the window on strategic location to let sunlight easily flow into the room. However, if you are moving into a rented apartment or living space, make sure nothing is blocking the window. Place a mirror or two at a strategic location to let sunlight into the room and to prevent it from feeling claustrophobic. You can buy very modern, wall-mounted mirrors for your room from websites offering used furniture for sale Dubai such as Ylaa.

Dark bedroom with plenty of sunlight; Source:

4. Choose colors to brighten up the living space

Using calming and cool white and cream colors is all the rage now. However, adding a bit of color to the room by throwing in a bright, colorful carpet or rug or a vividly colored painting would surely work to liven up the living space. Adding a bit of color would make you happy and brighten up your mood after a rough day at work. Low cost painting and rugs could be bought from free classifieds in Dubai.

5. Cut out on clutter

No matter how much effort you put into room, if you don’t cut out on the clutter, it’s never going to look good. A room that is crowded with a lot of stuff, looks bad, no matter if it is on the smaller size or on the larger side. Keeping out needless clutter is the essential first step to creating a good-looking room.


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