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Essential Guide For Buying A Classic Car In Dubai
July 14, 2020
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Essential Guide For Buying A Classic Car In Dubai

People of the UAE, in particular, Dubai love their cars. This is the reason the moment you venture out on the streets of Dubai, you will be pleasantly surprised to view one or two classic cars gently and gracefully gliding down on the roads. Among the mad rush of mass-produced cars of the contemporary world, classic cars are a sight to behold. If you are a classic car enthusiast living in Dubai like me, you would know that there many classic cars for sale in Dubai; however sometimes due to our limited budgets we have to forgo our desire for buying a classic car for sale Dubai. All in not lost, however, this little 3 step guide is written to help you fulfill your dream of buying a classic car if you have a little tight budget.

1. Search online:

Online websites such as Ylaa offer you an opportunity to put free of cost buy and sell classified ads in UAE. Ylaa being a free ad-posting website is the best place to start your search for your dream car. Since websites like Ylaa are very high on the practicality index, are to-the-point and offer a cost-effective way of connecting the buyers with the suppliers, there is a very good chance that you will have success in connecting with a seller having your favorite classics, all the while sitting in the safe confines of your home.

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2. Do not shy away from buying damaged, rusty classic cars for sale in Dubai:

Here comes the piece of advice that would sound a bit outrageous to you. You would probably be jumping on your seat right now proclaiming, “Oh, wait, why I should spend my hard-earned money on a rusty classic”. My advice is if you want to snatch a low-cost bargain, just go for that rusty looking classic car because it can always be repaired. It is true that repairing a rusty old classic 965 Shelby Cobra would take more time than a 2002 model Honda Civic, but it is always worth much more in the end. There are plenty of very good garages in Dubai that specifically tender to classic cars and return them to their owners in proper, sleek condition.

3. Up your research game:

If you want to buy a classic car in Dubai, you need to up your research game. As you conduct proper research into buying the classic car of your choice, you would find that certain types of classics appreciate at price over time, and then there are others that are always in demand. If you are lucky enough, and if you have done enough research, you can find a car that is not only in demand but is also gradually increasing in value. For starters let me give you the name of 3 such cars that are not only the in-demand classic cars in Dubai in 2020 but are also expected to increase in value over time: 1955 Ford Thunderbird, 1968 Dodge Charger R/T Hemi and the ever-green 1966 Ford Bronco SUV. I would like to dish out another very important secret of searching for up and coming classic cars in Dubai; search for classic cars on an online buy and sell websites like Ylaa for instance, you would first-hand information about cars that are most in-demand.


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