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Guide To Buying Second Hand Furniture In Dubai
July 20, 2020
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Guide To Buying Second Hand Furniture In Dubai

We all know that we are living in expensive times. There are only a lucky few in the world today who can afford whatever and whenever they want. Ylaa is an online marketplace for buyers and sellers of used, second hand furniture in Dubai. If you have been hunting for that perfect coffee table to add a zing to your living space, Ylaa is the right place for you; at Ylaa we are committed to providing you, your home, and the entire planet a better, environmentally friendly and sustainable option.

What’s a must-buy

Rocking chairs, wooden tables, chandeliers, wonderful works of art, and dressers all are items that you should not hesitate to buy if you are getting a good deal on them. Rugs or carpets would also make for an amazing purchase if and only if you can take them to a professional launderer at first. Do not take either the rugs or carpets straight into your home after making the purchase, you risk infecting your household with harmful germs and bacteria.

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What you should not buy

Mattresses and sofa sets with foam are two things you should not buy second hand because if you do, you risk bringing unknown germs to your home. Besides, you cannot be certain if the used mattress is as comfortable as you desired it to be. Ensure good value and investment for your money and buy a new set of mattresses.

How to buy second hand furniture using Ylaa

With Ylaa you can post free buy and sell classified ads in UAE. Just put an ad for the kind of furniture you are looking for (lounge chairs, lighting, sofa sets, etc.) and wait for the right offers to roll in. Thoroughly go through the pictures posted by prospective sellers. Only contact sellers that seem honest and genuine. (Pro-tip for checking out if a buyer is genuine: Has s/he posted a picture of the ware s/he is selling and have they put up their phone number?)

Watch out the condition of the second hand furniture

The very first thing you need to check is the condition of the second hand furniture. Check out if the wood is cracking from somewhere or if there are any signs of insect infestation. Even if you spot one bug on the furniture or the classic sign of termite infestation: white powder above the furniture, buying that piece of furniture becomes a big no-no. However, if there are no signs of insect infestation, and if the furniture is in overall good condition, wood quality is superior to you can always ignore little flaws like torn fabric. You can easily get that sorted out by reupholstering the furniture.

Thoroughly clean the furniture before bringing it home

Regardless of what type and kind of furniture you are bringing it to your home, it needs to be thoroughly cleaned and dusted before you bring it into your living space. As discussed before, send the carpets and rugs to dry cleaners. For furniture pieces made of wood, polish them and let them dry in the sun before bringing them inside the home. If you live in an apartment and do not have a space to polish and sun-dry the furniture, take the piece first to a painter. A painter will do the job at a minimal cost and you will come home essentially with a new piece of furniture.


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