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Hop On To Your Motorcycle And Explore Beautiful Locations In Dubai
August 19, 2020
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Hop On To Your Motorcycle And Explore Beautiful Locations In Dubai

How to Enjoy Best Dubai Bike Tour

Living and working in Dubai can be pretty stressful for an expatriate. Sometimes all you need to release the burden from your shoulders is a little leather – yes, you guessed it right; a motorcycle ride. While you may go wherever you please, for eating in one of the many eateries in Dubai or for a simple long ride, the best option, which would be most enjoyable for you would be to visit one of the many landmarks in Dubai.

Pack up essential supplies for your Dubai bike tour; you should have helmet, protective gloves, Google and essential food supplies ready before you embark on the journey. In case you are short of any item, you can easily purchase it from the comfort of your home from websites offering buy and sell classified ads in UAE.

Here is a short guide explaining how you can have a wonderful evening sightseeing some of the most famous Dubai landmarks:

1. Have fun at Al Qudra Lakes

If you are a fan of exotic sights, be sure to visit Al Qudra lakes that are a part of the Al Marmoom Desert Conservation Reserve. You can have spend some peaceful moments by the lake, have a sweet little picnic party. Along the way you would also get time to spend some local wildlife (desert foxes, ducks, swans etc.). If you are particularly lucky you can even spot some of the native birds (also on WWF endangered list of animals) like Asian Houbara.

2. Go Deep in Desert and Enjoy Star Gazing

Ever wanted to spend a night among the stars? The beautiful deserts of Dubai are the right place for you. Take your camping material with you and while away the night gazing at the stars. You can witness the beauty of the vast night sky with hundreds and thousands of celestial bodies, stars and nebulas. (Don’t forget to take your binoculars with you).

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3. Enjoy a day out in City lights

If you are more of a city-bee, it is advisable that you spend most of the time exploring attractions within the city on your Dubai bike tours. A smart option is to start your bike tour at the Palm Island; here you could view the model of modern Dubai city on display. As you travel along, you will reach The Villas, a modern housing concept just off Muhammad Bin Zayed Road. Plan to end your road trip at the Burj-Khalifa, sit under the daring heights of the tower and fall in wonder with this architectural wonder. A fitting tribute to end your Dubai bike tour would be to have a little food at one of the restaurants in Burj-Khalifa.

Don’t Have A Motorcycle?

Here’s a common scenario that may ruin your Dubai bike tour plans: You have your Dubai motorcycle tour itinerary all planned up but you are missing out on one key element: the motorcycle. Worry no more. There are various online as well as offline motorcycle dealerships and websites from where you can buy cheap motorcycles for sale in Dubai. Make sure you properly check out used motorcycle for sale in Dubai to ensure it is in a condition to complete the road trip.


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