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Low Cost Motorcycles For Sale In Dubai
July 17, 2020
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Low Cost Motorcycles For Sale In Dubai

Living in a culturally vibrant and ever-so-thriving city of wonder, one needs to have a mode of transportation of one’s own to enjoy the rich and effervescent culture of Dubai. If you do not have your mode of transport as of now and are looking for a low-cost mode of traveling, why not give buying motorcycle a try. Motorcycles are not only cheaper as compared to cars; they could be managed more easily as compared to cars. Here is a short and concise guide for buying low-cost motorcycles for sale in Dubai:

1. Consider the used motorcycle’s mileage

Mileage or the number of miles a used motorcycle has run is an important factor that gives a clue into its life and reliability. Although you should not be deciding to buy or not to buy solely on a motorcycle’s mileage nevertheless it does provide you an idea about the health and age of the motorcycle. Although in machine lingo, a motorcycle having low mileage is considered in a better condition than a motorcycle having a greater mileage; it is for a fact that low mileage cannot guarantee all the parts and components of the motorcycle will be in proper shape. According to a rule of thumb, if a motorcycle has run for more than 40,000 miles it will be considered high mileage; however, it can still make for a very good purchase if the original owner used it with care.

2. Number of owners

The number of owners a motorcycle has exchanged hands also determines the conditions it is in. As you are considering making a purchase decision, determine if the motorcycle only remained in the hands of one owner or has it been bought and sold by multiple owners. If it remained in the hands of one owner, chances are it would be in a better condition than if it has exchanged multiple hands.

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3. Usage history and service record

Before making the purchase decision, you need to be aware of how and for what purpose the motorcycle was used for. Whether the motorcycle was under the personal use of the owner or was it being used for commercial purposes (for instance, was it under the use of a food delivery company) determines in what condition it will be in. Service record history is also very important as it determines how many times the motorcycle has been serviced in the past.

4. Hire an expert for inspection

If you do not expertise in monitoring a motorcycle, better hire an expert such as an auto-mechanic to examine the motorcycle’s engine. An expert will be in a better position to tell you if a used motorcycle is worth the money or not. The motor mechanic will check out the motorcycle to determine if something is missing, check the front and rear wheels of the motorcycle to determine if they are parallel and in line and if the bikes have lights and indicators on.

5. Put ads in online Dubai classifieds

As you plan to buy a low-cost motorcycle for sale in Dubai, it would be a better option if you put up ads in online Dubai classifieds such as Ylaa. On Ylaa you can post free ads in Dubai describing the kind of motorcycle you wish to buy and its desired price range.


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