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Sharp Ascent In Sale Of Electric Cars In UAE In 2020
August 13, 2020
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Sharp Ascent In Sale Of Electric Cars In UAE In 2020

Increased pressure on fossil fuel reserves is causing a transformation in traditional modes of energy consumption for vehicles. Developed economies across the world are working day in and out to develop alternative sources of energy for powering vehicles. The sharp rise in sale of electric vehicles is an important indicator how vehicles powered by alternate sources of energy are taking over the mainstream automobile market.

Within UAE and in Abu Dhabi car market particularly, the concept of electric car sales is also on the rise. If you are looking to upgrade you petrol based car to an electric car, here is a list of top 5 smart electric cars in UAE for 2020.

1. Renault Zoe

Renault’s Zoe is a remarkable addition to the current coupe of electric vehicles in UAE. With its 5 door compact design and an interior design that inspires peace and tranquility, Zoe signifies a new era in electric car development. In UAE you can buy Renault Zoe by posting an ad on buy and sell classified ads in UAE.

Streamlined boomerang lightening and Z.E. insignia on the back of the seats, the Renault Zoe is sure here to rule electric car market in UAE. Zoe is made using some of the most advanced electric car production technology in use at the moment. This is evident from the fact that a R240 engine can achieve speed range of up to 240 km and up to 210 km with Q210 engine.

Renault ZOE – Among Dubai’s top 5 electric cars 2020, Source:

2. Tesla Model X

Tesla’s Model X is inarguably one of the best electric car options available in market at the moment. One of the most efficient SUV in market at the moment, Tesla Model X works on a 100kWh battery. The car has space for around 5-7 people. It is one of the most safest electric cars in market at the moment with 8 cameras and 12 ultrasonic sensors operating to provide the most dynamic view of the surrounding environment.