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Top Things To Know Before Buying A Used Laptop For Sale
August 24, 2020
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Top Things To Know Before Buying A Used Laptop For Sale

It is not every day that you could afford a brand new laptop. Your laptop, being a mechanical device, is bound to breakdown every once in a while. It is for these reasons and more that it is recommended you try out a used laptop. If you are looking for someone to sell used laptop Dubai you must visit buy and sell Dubai websites.

However, there are chances you may end up buying a faulty laptop. It is for this reason you must be aware of the following key points before making a purchase.

1. Know What Type of Laptop You Want

Before purchasing the laptop you must be aware of your needs. If you are a student, you must have knowledge of the system requirements according to your subject needs. For instance, if you are an art student, you must buy a laptop that supports high graphic requirements. For a business student, you must buy a used laptop with large memory and RAM.

2. Search Online

Search online for make and model of the laptop. It’s battery life and system requirements. Only when you have complete information about long run performance of a laptop should you make the decision of buying it.

3. Inspect Laptop Body

Once you meet a seller who is about to sell used laptop Dubai that meets your needs, you must carefully inspect laptop body to look for any loose hinges, missing keyboard keys, faulty charger or a damaged battery. Only after making sure everything is in top condition should you make the decision of buying it.

4. Check Screen Condition

Buy and sell Dubai websites may have a number of laptops that fulfill your stated conditions, but you must carefully look for screen condition to check out if it is working properly or if is flickering or stained or if there are any problems related to brightness or pixel issues.

5. Check out the Laptop keyboard and trackpad

Sell used laptop Dubai websites may offer a number of used laptops at very low prices; however, these may have problematic keyboards and trackpads. In order to look for a fault in the keyboard or the trackpad of the laptop pay attention to the following 2 issues:

·    How to inspect laptop keyboard: Check out any broken laptop keys or improperly functioning keys (you are pressing a key and it is not typing a letter) or misplaced keys (you are pressing one key, “s” for instance and it is typing “p”).

·    How to inspect laptop trackpad: Check out if the trackpad is properly functioning. Find out if click, finger swipe or pinch to zoom option is operating as was specified in the manual. Mouse buttons, if present on the laptop should be easy to press.

6. Test Laptop CD/DVD Drive and External Connectivity Devices

You must check out laptop CD/DVD drives, USB drives and headphone jack and SD card slot to ensure all of these are functioning properly in an appropriate manner.

7. Sum it All Up

Make sure the laptop you are buying offers you good quality for the price. Compare the price of the used laptop to the price of a new laptop. Used laptop must be half the price of a new one only then it would offer good value for the money.


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