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What products & services are worth it when you buying a used car in UAE?
April 7, 2020
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What products & services are worth it when you buying a used car in UAE?

There are a few major types of products and services that can be added to whatever car you are planning to purchase.

There is one kind of products and services, which offered by the dealership from where you’re buying your car,

The other kind of products and services are all the different things you can buy on your own to personalize your vehicle or improve it to your liking.

We’ll take a look at both kinds of products and services to identify which can be worth it and those that are a waste of your time and money.

v   Products and Services which can be worth it.

  1. Insurance
  2. Extended Warranty
  3. Service Contract
  4. Paint Protection
  5. Other Accessories Add- Ons.

1- Insurance:

There is no question about insurance that if you need it or not because insurance is always worth it for your car and the passengers. If something happens to your car and it’s a total loss, then the insurance company will pay to you the fair market value of your vehicle.

In case your car is under finance then you already have a Full insurance. In that case, you will be on the save side and the insurance company will pay to your back and clear your finance.

Its normally not very expensive and not necessary to buy it through the dealership, as you can check on your own with diferent other companies.

2- Extended Warranty:

With the purchase of New or Used Car slightly used under 5 years which still has authorizes dealer warranty valid on it, then you can pay some more amount to have that manufacturer’s warranty which call extended warranty.

Again, it depends on the brand and the model you purchase as its much costly for everyone to purchase this warranty because you have to make sure that all the regular service and maintenance should be from the same Authorizes dealer which can be costly some of the time.

In this case instead of buying an Extended Warranty if you just make sure that you have all the regular service and maintenance performed on the vehicle properly, which will keep your car running smoothly for many years.

3- Service Contract:

Service contract is much similar to warranty and insurance. It’s one kind of mini insurance which you can get from an authorized dealer for that brand or from some private service centers in the market.

In that contract, you just make sure that you get the details, what’s covered and on what it will cost you and how much it will be.

Few good service centers are providing good service contracts but again it worth it or not will depend on your car brand and model.

4- Paint Protection:

It’s depended on the car you purchased or going to purchase, surely not worth it for older used cars or some cheaper new cars.

But suggested to use it if you are buying or planning to buy any luxury or classic car with very good quality of paint job, then you should go for this paint protection service.

5- Other Accessories Add- Ons:

If the car model you’re purchased or going to purchase having fewer options, No Need to Worry about it.

You can easily add most of the newer technology’s parts or accessories in your car even at affordable prices.

Below are some add- Ons examples:

  1. Push Start
  2. Rear or Front Camera
  3. Leather seats
  4. Heads up display
  5. Tire pressure monitor
  6. USB, AUX, Bluetooth & Many More…….

When you don’t have much budget to purchase a full option model of any car, as it always has a difference in price for basic and full option model and some time is too much.

Then the smart decision will be to adding TOP of the Rang model options in your basic model car at a very affordable price from the market.

And even you might not like to have every single piece of potion in your car.

Here I will outline some of the useful and important options available in the market today which can make your drive easy, smooth and safer.

Add- Ons options to your car as the following if you already don’t have these:

  1. Parking Sensors
  2. Push Start
  3. Rear or Front Camera
  4. Heads up display
  5. Tire pressure monitor
  6. Blind-Spot Warning System
  7. Bluetooth

Other than that, above-mentioned options you can get many more accessories and parts in the market to improve your car appearance and performance as well.

v   Products and Services which waste your time and money.

Some are the products and services that may or may not be worth it base on your requirement.

But there are a lot of useless products and services for your car offered in the market which normally people keep buying and using in their cars, even some of them are not good for you and your car as well.

From these product and services some are as follow:

  1. Aluminum Wheel
  2. Aluminum Stem Caps
  3. Rustproofing
  4. Spoilers
  5. Window tints
  6. Lightbars
  7. Fuel additives


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